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[править] Qt Commercial Editions

Several editions of Qt are available under a commercial license: Qt Console Edition, Qt Desktop Light Edition, and Qt Desktop Edition. You may write commercial, proprietary, or otherwise non-free software only if you have purchased a commercial edition of Qt. If you purchase a commercial edition, you are entitled to technical support and upgrades. If you want to develop Free or Open Source software for release using a recognized Open Source license, you can use the Qt Open Source Edition. The table below summarizes the differences between the three commercial editions:

Features Editions
Qt Console Qt Desktop Light Qt Desktop
Qt Core classes X X X
Qt GUI classes X X
Networking X X
OpenGL X
Scripting X X
Database/SQL X X
Qt 3 Support (X) X
Help system X
Qt Designer extension classes X
Unit testing framework X X X
Run-time form handling X
ActiveQt X

(X) The Qt Desktop Light Edition contains selected classes from the Qt3Support module corresponding to the functionality available in the Qt 3 Professional Edition. Lists of the classes available in each edition are available on the following pages:

Please see the list of supported platforms for up-to-date information about the various platforms and compilers that Qt supports. On the Trolltech web site, you can find a Qt Licensing Overview and information on Qt License Pricing for commercial editions of Qt and other Trolltech products. To purchase, please visit the online order form. For further information and assistance, please contact Trolltech sales. Email: sales@trolltech.com. Phone, U.S. office (for North America): 1-650-813-1676. Phone, Norway office (for the rest of the world): +47 21 60 48 00.

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