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QAbstractEventDispatcher Manages Qt's event queue, excluding GUI-related events
QAbstractFileEngine Abstraction for accessing the filesystem
QAbstractFileEngineHandler Way to register custom file engines with your application
QAbstractFileEngineIterator Iterator interface for custom file engines
QAbstractItemModel The abstract interface for item model classes
QAbstractListModel Abstract model that can be subclassed to create one-dimensional list models
QAbstractSocket The base functionality common to all socket types
QAbstractTableModel Abstract model that can be subclassed to create table models
QAuthenticator Authentication object
QBasicTimer Timer events for objects
QBitArray Array of bits
QBuffer QIODevice interface for a QByteArray
QByteArray Array of bytes
QByteArrayMatcher Holds a sequence of bytes that can be quickly matched in a byte array
QCache Template class that provides a cache
QChar 16-bit Unicode character
QChildEvent Event parameters for child object events
QConstString Wrapper for constant Unicode string data
QCoreApplication Event loop for console Qt applications
QCryptographicHash Way to generate cryptographic hashes
QCustomEvent Support for custom events
QDataStream Serialization of binary data to a QIODevice
QDate Date functions
QDateTime Date and time functions
QDir Access to directory structures and their contents
QDirIterator Iterator for directory entrylists
QDomAttr Represents one attribute of a QDomElement
QDomCDATASection Represents an XML CDATA section
QDomCharacterData Represents a generic string in the DOM
QDomComment Represents an XML comment
QDomDocument Represents an XML document
QDomDocumentFragment Tree of QDomNodes which is not usually a complete QDomDocument
QDomDocumentType The representation of the DTD in the document tree
QDomElement Represents one element in the DOM tree
QDomEntity Represents an XML entity
QDomEntityReference Represents an XML entity reference
QDomImplementation Information about the features of the DOM implementation
QDomNamedNodeMap Collection of nodes that can be accessed by name
QDomNode The base class for all the nodes in a DOM tree
QDomNodeList List of QDomNode objects
QDomNotation Represents an XML notation
QDomProcessingInstruction Represents an XML processing instruction
QDomText Represents text data in the parsed XML document
QDynamicPropertyChangeEvent Event parameters for dynamic property change events
QEvent The base class of all event classes. Event objects contain event parameters
QEventLoop Means of entering and leaving an event loop
QFSFileEngine Implements Qt's default file engine
QFile Interface for reading from and writing to files
QFileInfo System-independent file information
QFileSystemWatcher Interface for monitoring files and directories for modifications
QFlag Helper data type for QFlags
QFlags Type-safe way of storing OR-combinations of enum values
QFtp Implementation of the client side of FTP protocol
QGenericArgument Internal helper class for marshalling arguments
QGenericReturnArgument Internal helper class for marshalling arguments
QHash Template class that provides a hash-table-based dictionary
QHashIterator Java-style const iterator for QHash and QMultiHash
QHostAddress IP address
QHostInfo Static functions for host name lookups
QHttp Implementation of the HTTP protocol
QHttpHeader Header information for HTTP
QHttpRequestHeader Request header information for HTTP
QHttpResponseHeader Response header information for HTTP
QIODevice The base interface class of all I/O devices in Qt
QLatin1Char 8-bit ASCII/Latin-1 character
QLatin1String Thin wrapper around an ASCII/Latin-1 encoded string literal
QLibrary Loads shared libraries at runtime
QLibraryInfo Information about the Qt library
QLine Two-dimensional vector using integer precision
QLineF Two-dimensional vector using floating point precision
QLinkedList Template class that provides linked lists
QLinkedListIterator Java-style const iterator for QLinkedList
QList Template class that provides lists
QListIterator Java-style const iterator for QList and QQueue
QLocale Converts between numbers and their string representations in various languages
QMap Template class that provides a skip-list-based dictionary
QMapIterator Java-style const iterator for QMap and QMultiMap
QMetaClassInfo Additional information about a class
QMetaEnum Meta-data about an enumerator
QMetaMethod Meta-data about a member function
QMetaObject Meta-information about Qt objects
QMetaProperty Meta-data about a property
QMetaType Manages named types in the meta-object system
QMimeData Container for data that records information about its MIME type
QModelIndex Used to locate data in a data model
QMultiHash Convenience QHash subclass that provides multi-valued hashes
QMultiMap Convenience QMap subclass that provides multi-valued maps
QMutableHashIterator Java-style non-const iterator for QHash and QMultiHash
QMutableLinkedListIterator Java-style non-const iterator for QLinkedList
QMutableListIterator Java-style non-const iterator for QList and QQueue
QMutableMapIterator Java-style non-const iterator for QMap and QMultiMap
QMutableSetIterator Java-style non-const iterator for QSet
QMutableVectorIterator Java-style non-const iterator for QVector and QStack
QMutex Access serialization between threads
QMutexLocker Convenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking mutexes
QNetworkAddressEntry Stores one IP address supported by a network interface, along with its associated netmask and broadcast address
QNetworkInterface Listing of the host's IP addresses and network interfaces
QNetworkProxy Network layer proxy
QObject The base class of all Qt objects
QObjectCleanupHandler Watches the lifetime of multiple QObjects
QPair Template class that stores a pair of items
QPersistentModelIndex Used to locate data in a data model
QPluginLoader Loads a plugin at run-time
QPoint Defines a point in the plane using integer precision
QPointF Defines a point in the plane using floating point precision
QPointer Template class that provides guarded pointers to QObjects
QProcess Used to start external programs and to communicate with them
QQueue Generic container that provides a queue
QReadLocker Convenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking read-write locks for read access
QReadWriteLock Read-write locking
QRect Defines a rectangle in the plane using integer precision
QRectF Defines a rectangle in the plane using floating point precision
QRegExp Pattern matching using regular expressions
QResource Interface for reading directly from resources
QScriptContext Represents a Qt Script function invocation
QScriptEngine Environment for evaluating Qt Script code
QScriptExtensionPlugin Abstract base for custom QScript extension plugins
QScriptValue Acts as a container for the Qt Script data types
QScriptValueIterator Java-style iterator for QScriptValue
QScriptable Access to the Qt Script environment from Qt C++ member functions
QSemaphore General counting semaphore
QSet Template class that provides a hash-table-based set
QSetIterator Java-style const iterator for QSet
QSettings Persistent platform-independent application settings
QSharedData Base class for shared data objects
QSharedDataPointer Pointer to a shared data object
QSignalMapper Bundles signals from identifiable senders
QSignalSpy Enables introspection of signal emission
QSize Defines the size of a two-dimensional object using integer point precision
QSizeF Defines the size of a two-dimensional object using floating point precision
QSocketNotifier Support for monitoring activity on a file descriptor
QSqlDatabase Represents a connection to a database
QSqlDriver Abstract base class for accessing specific SQL databases
QSqlDriverCreator Template class that provides a SQL driver factory for a specific driver type
QSqlDriverCreatorBase The base class for SQL driver factories
QSqlDriverPlugin Abstract base for custom QSqlDriver plugins
QSqlError SQL database error information
QSqlField Manipulates the fields in SQL database tables and views
QSqlIndex Functions to manipulate and describe database indexes
QSqlQuery Means of executing and manipulating SQL statements
QSqlQueryModel Read-only data model for SQL result sets
QSqlRecord Encapsulates a database record
QSqlRelation Stores information about an SQL foreign key
QSqlRelationalDelegate Delegate that is used to display and edit data from a QSqlRelationalTableModel
QSqlRelationalTableModel Editable data model for a single database table, with foreign key support
QSqlResult Abstract interface for accessing data from specific SQL databases
QSqlTableModel Editable data model for a single database table
QSslCertificate Convenient API for an X509 certificate
QSslCipher Represents an SSL cryptographic cipher
QSslError SSL error
QSslKey Interface for private and public keys
QSslSocket SSL encrypted socket for both clients and servers
QStack Template class that provides a stack
QString Unicode character string
QStringList List of strings
QStringMatcher Holds a sequence of characters that can be quickly matched in a Unicode string
QStringRef Thin wrapper around QString substrings
QSysInfo Information about the system
QSystemLocale Can be used to finetune the system locale of the user
QTcpServer TCP-based server
QTcpSocket TCP socket
QTemporaryFile I/O device that operates on temporary files
QTestEventList List of GUI events
QTextCodec Conversions between text encodings
QTextCodecPlugin Abstract base for custom QTextCodec plugins
QTextDecoder State-based decoder
QTextEncoder State-based encoder
QTextIStream Convenience class for input streams
QTextOStream Convenience class for output streams
QTextStream Convenient interface for reading and writing text
QThread Platform-independent threads
QThreadStorage Per-thread data storage
QTime Clock time functions
QTimeLine Timeline for controlling animations
QTimer Repetitive and single-shot timers
QTimerEvent Parameters that describe a timer event
QTranslator Internationalization support for text output
QUdpSocket UDP socket
QUrl Convenient interface for working with URLs
QUrlInfo Stores information about URLs
QUuid Stores a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)
QVarLengthArray Low-level variable-length array
QVariant Acts like a union for the most common Qt data types
QVector Template class that provides a dynamic array
QVectorIterator Java-style const iterator for QVector and QStack
QWaitCondition Condition variable for synchronizing threads
QWriteLocker Convenience class that simplifies locking and unlocking read-write locks for write access
QXmlAttributes XML attributes
QXmlContentHandler Interface to report the logical content of XML data
QXmlDTDHandler Interface to report DTD content of XML data
QXmlDeclHandler Interface to report declaration content of XML data
QXmlDefaultHandler Default implementation of all the XML handler classes
QXmlEntityResolver Interface to resolve external entities contained in XML data
QXmlErrorHandler Interface to report errors in XML data
QXmlInputSource The input data for the QXmlReader subclasses
QXmlLexicalHandler Interface to report the lexical content of XML data
QXmlLocator The XML handler classes with information about the parsing position within a file
QXmlNamespaceSupport Helper class for XML readers which want to include namespace support
QXmlParseException Used to report errors with the QXmlErrorHandler interface
QXmlReader Interface for XML readers (i.e. parsers)
QXmlSimpleReader Implementation of a simple XML parser
QXmlStreamAttribute Represents a single XML attribute
QXmlStreamAttributes Represents a vector of QXmlStreamAttribute
QXmlStreamEntityDeclaration Represents a DTD entity declaration
QXmlStreamNamespaceDeclaration Represents a namespace declaration
QXmlStreamNotationDeclaration Represents a DTD notation declaration
QXmlStreamReader Fast well-formed XML parser with a simple streaming API
QXmlStreamWriter XML writer with a simple streaming API

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