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[модуль QtCore ]

The QChildEvent class contains event parameters for child object events. Далее...

 #include <QChildEvent>

Inherits QEvent.

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  • 6 public functions inherited from QEvent

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The QChildEvent class contains event parameters for child object events.

Child events are sent immediately to objects when children are added or removed.

In both cases you can only rely on the child being a QObject (or, if QObject::isWidgetType() returns true, a QWidget). This is because in the QEvent::ChildAdded case the child is not yet fully constructed; in the QEvent::ChildRemoved case it might have already been destructed.

The handler for these events is QObject::childEvent().

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QChildEvent::QChildEvent ( Type type, QObject * child )

Constructs a child event object of a particular type for the child.

type can be QEvent::ChildAdded, QEvent::ChildRemoved, QEvent::ChildPolished, or QEvent::ChildRemoved.

See also child().

bool QChildEvent::added () const

Returns true if type() is QEvent::ChildAdded; otherwise returns false.

QObject * QChildEvent::child () const

Returns the child object that was added or removed.

bool QChildEvent::polished () const

Returns true if type() is QEvent::ChildPolished; otherwise returns false.

bool QChildEvent::removed () const

Returns true if type() is QEvent::ChildRemoved; otherwise returns false.

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