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[править] Architecture

These documents describe aspects of Qt's architecture and design, including overviews of core Qt features and technologies.

Drag and Drop An overview of the drag and drop system provided by Qt.
Events and Event Filters A guide to event handling in Qt.
Format of the QDataStream Operators Representations of data types that can be serialized by QDataStream.
Generic Algorithms The <QtAlgorithms> header provides generic template-based algorithms.
Generic Containers Qt's template-based container classes.
Global Qt Declarations The <QtGlobal> header provides basic declarations and is included by all other Qt headers.
Implementing Atomic Operations A guide to implementing atomic operations on new architectures.
Implementing Styles and Style Aware Widgets An overview of styles and the styling of widgets.
Implicitly Shared Classes Classes that use reference counting for fast copying.
Introduction to D-Bus An introduction to Inter-Process Communication and Remote Procedure Calling with D-Bus.
Keyboard Focus An overview of the keyboard focus management and handling.
Layout Classes A tour of the standard layout managers and an introduction to custom layouts.
Meta-Object System An overview of Qt's meta-object system and introspection capabilities. Qt's meta-object system provides the signals and slots mechanism for inter-object communication, run-time type information, and the dynamic property system.
Model/View Programming A guide to the extensible model/view architecture used by Qt's item view classes.
Object Trees and Object Ownership Information about the parent-child pattern used to describe object ownership in Qt.
Overview of Qt's Undo Framework
QTestLib Manual An overview of Qt's unit testing framework.
Qt Object Model A description of the powerful features made possible by Qt's dynamic object model.
Qt Style Sheets How to use style sheets to customize the appearance of widgets.
Qt's Property System An overview of Qt's property system.
Rich Text Processing An overview of Qt's rich text processing, editing and display features.
SQL Database Drivers How to configure and install QtSql drivers for supported databases.
Сигналы and Slots An overview of Qt's signals and slots inter-object communication mechanism.
The Coordinate System Information about the coordinate system used by the paint system.
The Graphics View Framework An overview of the Graphics View framework for interactive 2D graphics.
Thread Support in Qt A detailed discussion of thread handling in Qt.
Timers How to use timers in your application.
Unicode Information about support for Unicode in Qt.
Why Doesn't Qt Use Templates for Сигналы and Slots? The reasoning behind Qt's implementation of signals and slots.
Window Geometry An overview of window geometry handling and management.

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