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[править] Obsolete Members for Q3Accel

The following class members are obsolete. They are provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using them in new code.

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[править] Описание функций-членов

QString Q3Accel::keyToString ( QKeySequence k ) [static]

Creates an accelerator string for the key k. For instance CTRL+Key_O gives "Ctrl+O". The "Ctrl" etc. are translated (using QObject::tr()) in the " Q3Accel" context.

The function is superfluous. Cast the QKeySequence k to a QString for the same effect.

QKeySequence Q3Accel::stringToKey ( const QString & s ) [static]

Returns an accelerator code for the string s. For example "Ctrl+O" gives CTRL+UNICODE_ACCEL+'O'. The strings "Ctrl", "Shift", "Alt" are recognized, as well as their translated equivalents in the " Q3Accel" context (using QObject::tr()). Returns 0 if s is not recognized.

This function is typically used with tr(), so that accelerator keys can be replaced in translations:

 Q3PopupMenu *file = new Q3PopupMenu(this);
 file->insertItem(p1, tr("&Open..."), this, SLOT(open()),
                   Q3Accel::stringToKey(tr("Ctrl+O", "File|Open")));

Notice the "File|Open" translator comment. It is by no means necessary, but it provides some context for the human translator.

The function is superfluous. Construct a QKeySequence from the string s for the same effect.

See also QObject::tr() and Internationalization with Qt.

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