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[править] Qt Widget Gallery

Qt's support for widget styles and themes enables your application to fit in with the native desktop enviroment. Below, you can find links to the various widget styles that are supplied with Qt 4.

center Plastique Style Widget Gallery

The Plastique style is provided by QPlastiqueStyle.

center Cleanlooks Style Widget Gallery

The Cleanlooks style is provided by QCleanlooksStyle.

center Windows Vista Style Widget Gallery

The Windows Vista style is provided by QWindowsVistaStyle.

center Windows XP Style Widget Gallery

The Windows XP style is provided by QWindowsXPStyle.

center Macintosh Style Widget Gallery

The Macintosh style is provided by QMacStyle.

center Windows Style Widget Gallery

The Windows style is provided by QWindowsStyle.

center Motif Style Widget Gallery

The Motif style is provided by QMotifStyle.

center CDE Style Widget Gallery

The Common Desktop Environment style is provided by QCDEStyle.

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