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[править] Описание qmake

This reference is a detailed index of all the variables and function that are available for use in qmake project files.

[править] Описание переменных

The qmake Variable Reference describes the variables that are recognized by qmake when configuring the build process for projects.

[править] Описание фукнции

The qmake Function Reference describes the function that can be used to process the contents of variables defined in project files.

[править] Наиболее часто используемые переменные

The following variables are frequently used in project files to describe common aspects of the build process. These are fully described in the Variable Reference.

[править] Окружение переменных и конфигурации

The Configuring qmake's Environment chapter of this manual describes the environment variables that qmake uses when configuring the build process.

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