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[править] QSqlError Class Reference
[модуль QtSql ]

The QSqlError class provides SQL database error information. More...

 #include <QSqlError>

[править] Открытые типы

  • enum ErrorType { NoError, ConnectionError, StatementError, TransactionError, UnknownError }

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[править] Подробное описание

The QSqlError class provides SQL database error information.

A QSqlError object can provide database-specific error data, including the driverText() and databaseText() messages (or both concatenated together as text()), and the error number() and type(). The functions all have setters so that you can create and return QSqlError objects from your own classes, for example from your own SQL drivers.

See also QSqlDatabase::lastError() and QSqlQuery::lastError().

[править] Описание типов членов

enum QSqlError::ErrorType

This enum type describes the type of SQL error that occurred.

Constant Value Description
QSqlError::NoError 0 No error occurred.
QSqlError::ConnectionError 1 Connection error.
QSqlError::StatementError 2 SQL statement syntax error.
QSqlError::TransactionError 3 Transaction failed error.
QSqlError::UnknownError 4 Unknown error.

[править] Описание функций-членов

QSqlError::QSqlError ( const QString & driverText = QString(), const QString & databaseText = QString(), ErrorType type = NoError, int number = -1 )

Constructs an error containing the driver error text driverText, the database-specific error text databaseText, the type type and the optional error number number.

QSqlError::QSqlError ( const QSqlError & other )

Creates a copy of other.

QSqlError::~QSqlError ()

Destroys the object and frees any allocated resources.

QString QSqlError::databaseText () const

Returns the text of the error as reported by the database. This may contain database-specific descriptions; it may be empty.

See also setDatabaseText(), driverText(), and text().

QString QSqlError::driverText () const

Returns the text of the error as reported by the driver. This may contain database-specific descriptions. It may also be empty.

See also setDriverText(), databaseText(), and text().

bool QSqlError::isValid () const

Returns true if an error is set, otherwise false.


 QSqlQueryModel model;
 model.setQuery("select * from myTable");
 if (model.lastError().isValid())
     qDebug() << model.lastError();

See also type().

int QSqlError::number () const

Returns the database-specific error number, or -1 if it cannot be determined.

See also setNumber().

void QSqlError::setDatabaseText ( const QString & databaseText )

Sets the database error text to the value of databaseText.

See also databaseText(), setDriverText(), and text().

void QSqlError::setDriverText ( const QString & driverText )

Sets the driver error text to the value of driverText.

See also driverText(), setDatabaseText(), and text().

void QSqlError::setNumber ( int number )

Sets the database-specific error number to number.

See also number().

void QSqlError::setType ( ErrorType type )

Sets the error type to the value of type.

See also type().

QString QSqlError::text () const

This is a convenience function that returns databaseText() and driverText() concatenated into a single string.

See also driverText() and databaseText().

ErrorType QSqlError::type () const

Returns the error type, or -1 if the type cannot be determined.

See also setType().

QSqlError & QSqlError::operator= ( const QSqlError & other )

Assigns the other error's values to this error.

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