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[править] Qt's Tools

Qt is supplied with several command line and graphical tools to ease and speed the development process. Each tool is listed here with a link to its documentation.

Tool Description
Qt Designer Create forms visually.
Qt Assistant Quickly find the help you need.
Qt Linguist, lupdate, lrelease Translate applications to reach international markets.
qmake Create makefiles from simple platform-independent project files (.pro files).
Meta-Object Compiler (moc) Generate meta-object information for QObject subclasses.
User Interface Compiler (uic) Generate C++ code from user interface files.
Resource Compiler (rcc) Embed resources into Qt applications during the build process.
Configuring Qt (qtconfig) X11-based Qt configuration tool with online help.
Examples and Demos Launcher A launcher for Qt's Examples and Demonstration programs.
qt3to4 - The Qt 3 to 4 Porting Tool A tool to assist in porting applications from Qt 3 to Qt 4.
QtDBus XML compiler (qdbusxml2cpp) A tool to convert D-Bus interface descriptions to C++ source code.
D-Bus Viewer A tool to introspect D-Bus objects and messages.

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