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[править] Qt3Support Module

The Qt3Support module provides classes that ease porting from Qt 3 to Qt 4. More...

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Q3Accel Handles keyboard accelerator and shortcut keys
Q3Action Abstract user interface action that can appear both in menus and tool bars
Q3ActionGroup Groups actions together
Q3AsciiCache Template class that provides a cache based on char* keys
Q3AsciiCacheIterator Iterator for Q3AsciiCache collections
Q3AsciiDict Template class that provides a dictionary based on char* keys
Q3AsciiDictIterator Iterator for Q3AsciiDict collections
Q3Button Compatibility base class of button widgets
Q3ButtonGroup Organizes QAbstractButton widgets in a group
Q3CString Abstraction of the classic C zero-terminated char array (char *)
Q3Cache Template class that provides a cache based on QString keys
Q3CacheIterator Iterator for Q3Cache collections
Q3Canvas 2D area that can contain Q3CanvasItem objects
Q3CanvasEllipse Ellipse or ellipse segment on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasItem Abstract graphic object on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasItemList List of Q3CanvasItems
Q3CanvasLine Line on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasPixmap Pixmaps for Q3CanvasSprites
Q3CanvasPixmapArray Array of Q3CanvasPixmaps
Q3CanvasPolygon Polygon on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasPolygonalItem Polygonal canvas item on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasRectangle Rectangle on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasSpline Multi-bezier splines on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasSprite Animated canvas item on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasText Text object on a Q3Canvas
Q3CanvasView On-screen view of a Q3Canvas
Q3CheckListItem Checkable list view items
Q3CheckTableItem Checkboxes in Q3Tables
Q3ColorDrag Drag and drop object for transferring colors between widgets
Q3ComboBox Combined button and popup list
Q3ComboTableItem Means of using comboboxes in Q3Tables
Q3DataBrowser Data manipulation and navigation for data entry forms
Q3DataTable Flexible SQL table widget that supports browsing and editing
Q3DataView Read-only SQL forms
Q3DateEdit Date editor
Q3DateTimeEdit Combines a Q3DateEdit and Q3TimeEdit widget into a single widget for editing datetimes
Q3DateTimeEditBase Abstraction for date and edit editors
Q3DeepCopy Template class which ensures that implicitly shared and explicitly shared classes reference unique data
Q3Dict Template class that provides a dictionary based on QString keys
Q3DictIterator Iterator for Q3Dict collections
Q3Dns Asynchronous DNS lookups
Q3DockArea Manages and lays out Q3DockWindows
Q3DockWindow Widget which can be docked inside a Q3DockArea or floated as a top level window on the desktop
Q3DragObject Encapsulates MIME-based data transfer
Q3DropSite Nothing and does nothing
Q3EditorFactory Used to create editor widgets for QVariant data types
Q3FileDialog Dialogs that allow users to select files or directories
Q3FileIconProvider Icons for Q3FileDialog to use
Q3FilePreview File previewing in Q3FileDialog
Q3Ftp Implementation of the FTP protocol
Q3Grid Simple geometry management of its children
Q3GridView Abstract base for fixed-size grids
Q3GroupBox Group box frame with a title
Q3HBox Horizontal geometry management for its child widgets
Q3HButtonGroup Organizes button widgets in a group with one horizontal row
Q3HGroupBox Organizes widgets in a group with one horizontal row
Q3Header Header row or column, e.g. for tables and listviews
Q3Http Implementation of the HTTP protocol
Q3HttpHeader Header information for HTTP
Q3HttpRequestHeader Request header information for HTTP
Q3HttpResponseHeader Response header information for HTTP
Q3IconDrag Supports drag and drop operations within a Q3IconView
Q3IconDragItem Encapsulates a drag item
Q3IconView Area with movable labelled icons
Q3IconViewItem Single item in a Q3IconView
Q3ImageDrag Drag and drop object for transferring images
Q3IntCache Template class that provides a cache based on long keys
Q3IntCacheIterator Iterator for Q3IntCache collections
Q3IntDict Template class that provides a dictionary based on long keys
Q3IntDictIterator Iterator for Q3IntDict collections
Q3ListBox List of selectable, read-only items
Q3ListBoxItem The base class of all list box items
Q3ListBoxPixmap List box items with a pixmap and optional text
Q3ListBoxText List box items that display text
Q3ListView Implements a list/tree view
Q3ListViewItem Implements a list view item
Q3ListViewItemIterator Iterator for collections of Q3ListViewItems
Q3LocalFs Implementation of a QNetworkProtocol that works on the local file system
Q3MainWindow Main application window, with a menu bar, dock windows (e.g. for toolbars), and a status bar
Q3MemArray Template class that provides arrays of simple types
Q3MimeSourceFactory Extensible provider of mime-typed data
Q3MultiLineEdit Simple editor for inputting text
Q3NetworkOperation Common operations for network protocols
Q3NetworkProtocol Common API for network protocols
Q3PaintDeviceMetrics Information about a paint device
Q3Painter Qt 3 compatibility wrapper for QPainter
Q3Picture Paint device that records and replays Q3Painter commands
Q3PopupMenu Thin compatibility wrapper around QMenu
Q3Process Used to start external programs and to communicate with them
Q3ProgressBar Horizontal progress bar
Q3ProgressDialog Feedback on the progress of a slow operation
Q3PtrCollection The base class of most pointer-based Qt collections
Q3PtrDict Template class that provides a dictionary based on void* keys
Q3PtrDictIterator Iterator for Q3PtrDict collections
Q3PtrList Template class that provides a list
Q3PtrListIterator Iterator for Q3PtrList collections
Q3PtrQueue Template class that provides a queue
Q3PtrStack Template class that provides a stack
Q3PtrVector Template collection class that provides a vector (array)
Q3RangeControl Integer value within a range
Q3ScrollView Scrolling area with on-demand scroll bars
Q3Semaphore Robust integer semaphore
Q3ServerSocket TCP-based server
Q3Shared Used internally for implementing shared classes
Q3Signal Can be used to send signals for classes that don't inherit QObject
Q3SimpleRichText Small displayable piece of rich text
Q3Socket Buffered TCP connection
Q3SocketDevice Platform-independent low-level socket API
Q3SqlCursor Browsing and editing of SQL tables and views
Q3SqlEditorFactory Used to create the editors used by Q3DataTable and Q3SqlForm
Q3SqlFieldInfo Stores meta data associated with a SQL field
Q3SqlForm Creates and manages data entry forms tied to SQL databases
Q3SqlPropertyMap Used to map widgets to SQL fields
Q3SqlRecordInfo Encapsulates a set of database field meta data
Q3SqlSelectCursor Browsing of general SQL SELECT statements
Q3StoredDrag Simple stored-value drag object for arbitrary MIME data
Q3StrIList Doubly-linked list of char* with case-insensitive comparison
Q3StrList Doubly-linked list of char*
Q3StrListIterator Iterator for the Q3StrList and Q3StrIList classes
Q3StyleSheet Collection of styles for rich text rendering and a generator of tags
Q3StyleSheetItem Encapsulation of a set of text styles
Q3SyntaxHighlighter Base class for implementing Q3TextEdit syntax highlighters
Q3TabDialog Stack of tabbed widgets
Q3Table Flexible editable table widget
Q3TableItem The cell content for Q3Table cells
Q3TableSelection Access to a selected area in a Q3Table
Q3TextBrowser Rich text browser with hypertext navigation
Q3TextDrag Drag and drop object for transferring plain and Unicode text
Q3TextEdit Powerful single-page rich text editor
Q3TextStream Basic functions for reading and writing text using a QIODevice
Q3TextView Rich text viewer
Q3TimeEdit Time editor
Q3ToolBar Movable panel containing widgets such as tool buttons
Q3UriDrag Drag object for a list of URI references
Q3Url URL parser and simplifies working with URLs
Q3UrlOperator Common operations on URLs
Q3VBox Vertical geometry management of its child widgets
Q3VButtonGroup Organizes button widgets in a vertical column
Q3VGroupBox Organizes widgets in a group with one vertical column
Q3ValueList Value-based template class that provides lists
Q3ValueListConstIterator Const iterator for Q3ValueList
Q3ValueListIterator Iterator for Q3ValueList
Q3ValueStack Value-based template class that provides a stack
Q3ValueVector Value-based template class that provides a dynamic array
Q3WidgetStack Stack of widgets of which only the top widget is user-visible
Q3Wizard Framework for wizard dialogs

[править] Подробное описание

To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the following directive:

 #include <Qt3Support>

To link against the module, add this line to your qmake .pro file:

 QT += qt3support

Note: Since this module provides compatibility classes for diverse parts of the Qt 3 API, it has dependencies on the QtCore, QtGui, QtNetwork, QtSql, and QtXml modules.

This module is part of the Qt Desktop Edition and the Qt Open Source Edition. Most classes offered by this module are also part of the Qt Desktop Light Edition. Classes that are not available for Qt Desktop Light Edition users are marked as such in the class documentation.

See also Porting to Qt 4.

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